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Founder/Owner and Content Creator

About the Founder

Heather Tisdale is a wife, bonus mom, dog mom, and self-proclaimed "athletic girlie girl." She is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in television, media & marketing, event planning, restaurant management, and education. She is passionate about health, fitness, and her family, including her two furry BFFs. Her journey toward excellence is adorned with a string of unique degrees and a natural flair for creativity and innovation.

After her time in television and media buying, Heather was in the telecommunications industry when she began her academic pursuit at Tulsa Community College, where she earned an Associate of Arts in Business Administration. This foundational education laid the groundwork for her future ventures in the business world. During this time, she discovered her innate love for cooking and entertaining, leading her to enroll in the  Culinary Institute at Platt College. Here, she honed her skills and achieved an Associate of Science in Culinary Arts, learning to master the art of crafting dishes that would later become her signature culinary POV. While in culinary school, Heather had the opportunity to work on multiple Pioneer Woman shoots and events in Pawhuska, OK, in various roles. Fun fact: Ree Drummond and Heather are both originally from Bartlesville, OK. 

With her culinary expertise in tow, Heather's zest for adventure propelled her forward to Oklahoma State University. Here, she delved into the field of  Education, inspiring aspiring hospitality students to pursue their dreams. While working at and attending OSU, Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Career and Technical Education and opened the exceptionally successful Quick-Service Restaurant Planet Orange. 

Content creation has always beckoned Heather, and her hunger for knowledge only grew. She pursued a Master's in Communication with a specialized emphasis on media and marketing, further expanding her skill set and becoming an expert in brand promotion, content creation, and digital strategy. While pursuing this degree, Heather had the opportunity to join the culinary team at a food service manufacturing company and become their Sales and Product Training Manager.


From there, she was recruited by another food service manufacturing company to serve as their Director of Marketing and Culinary for almost three years before leaving to blog full-time. 

Throughout her journey, Heather's unique background and diverse skill set led her to take on exciting roles in television, media, and marketing. She was a creative force behind successful marketing campaigns, captivating audiences with her unique storytelling techniques and a keen eye for design. Her expertise in event planning and restaurant management lent her the ability to curate unforgettable experiences that delighted guests and elevated brand presence.

As she steps into the blogging world, her mission is clear - empowering and uplifting petite women who share her love for beauty, health, fitness, and dogs. Through "Petite with a Pooch," she aims to provide valuable insights on petite fashion tips, styling advice, and unique trends tailored to smaller frames. Beyond fashion, she'll delve into the joys of pet parenting, healthy easy recipes, DIY, entertaining, and MORE! Join Heather as we embark on this wonderful adventure! Together, let's make "Petite with a Pooch" a beacon of warmth, positivity, and empowerment for all the petite "pooch mommas."  

Meet the Rest of Our "Little" Team!



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#1 Rescue Pooch

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#2 Rescue Pooch

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