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DIY Dollar Tree Spider Candy Bowl

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Although I am technically arachnophobic, I still think spider decor is fun at Halloween. What can I say, I do love a theme! While looking around for Halloween party items, I stumbled upon the Pottery Barn Halloween collection. The stuff they offer this time of year is so cute you could scream! I really liked the concept of the spider candy bowl, so I decided to try a little DIY! And guess what, it turned out so cute!

Here's what you'll need from Dollar Tree:

Here's what else you will need:


Step 1: Spray paint the top part of the spider bowl all black.

Step 2: Place your black bowl upside down and spray paint the outside black. (Doing it this way ensures the inside of the bowl stays food-safe)

Step 3: Set the black bowl in the spider bowl, fill it with goodies, and ENJOY!

(You can hot glue them together too, if desired.)

I love how painting both pieces makes it look like one metal piece! I'm obsessed with how cute and simple this DIY was!




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