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DIY DollarTree Gold and Black Skull 3-Tiered Dessert Stand

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I've always loved tiered serving trays and have had many of them over the years. However, when planning my recent Halloween party, I realized I must have gotten rid of all of them. I thought about buying another one but decided it would be much more fun to try and DIY this time instead! It's creepy, glam, and can easily hold two dozen mini cupcakes!

Here's what you'll need from Dollar Tree:

Here's what else you'll need:


  1. Spray paint the plastic plates and candle holders black and allow them to dry.

  2. Hot glue the large plate to the top of the skull candy bowl.

  3. Hot glue the first candle holder upside down in the center of the first plate.

  4. Hot glue the medium plate to the bottom of the first candle holder.

  5. Hot glue the second candle holder upside down in the center of the medium plate.

  6. Hot glue the small plate to the bottom of the second candle holder.

*Note: If you plan to put food directly onto the painted tiered plates, use food-safe spray paint.

I'm obsessed with how this easy Dollar Tree DIY turned out, and I can't wait to use it again next year!




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