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DIY Hocus Pocus Hanging Cages and Halloween Entryway Makeover

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Whenever I host a themed party, I try to bring in as many thematically related elements as I can to really drive it home for the attendees. So, for a Hocus Pocus theme, hanging cages like the ones in the movie seemed necessary! While I've seen quite a few folks create something similar using some of the larger skeletons inside, I really wanted this to be a more budget-friendly DIY. So instead of those life-sized or larger boneys, I used these hanging skeletal ghouls from Dollar Tree inside the cages, and I'm thrilled with how they turned out. I put them right in the entryway as one of the first things guests saw when they walked in!

Here's what you need from Dollar Tree for each cage:

(1) Faux Chain (optional)

Here's what else you'll need:

(1) Shears or something similar for cutting

Instructions for recreating the hanging cages:

  1. Cut the tops off of the laundry baskets, as close to the line as you can.

  2. Spray paint the baskets on the inside and outside so they look metal and allow them to dry.

  3. Cut the string at the top of the hanging skeletal ghoul in the middle and use it to tie the head to the top part of the inside of one basket. Open their arms as wide as you can inside the basket at this time.

  4. Place the top basket with the ghoul slightly inside the bottom basket and zip tie all the way around both baskets to secure them together.

  5. Pull the flowy cloth at the bottom of the hanging skeletal ghoul through the bottom of the basket.

  6. Using a zip tie, secure one side of the faux handcuff to the top of the top basket.

  7. Place the adhesive hanging hook on the ceiling where you want to hang your cage.

  8. Using two zip ties on the other handcuff handle create a "T". Use one to loop around and tie loosely, then slide the other one through and tighten the first one, leaving the other tie open like a "T" with the first one tight.

  9. Place the handle onto the hook and zip tie to secure. Add a drapey faux chain if desired. (These have stayed up for over a week now!)

Other items used for the entryway decor:




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