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Dollar Tree DIY Gold Skull Floral Halloween Centerpieces

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Early on in my Halloween party planning, I ordered an item to pick up at my local Marshall's because the price was better than I could find online. While I was there, I couldn't help but notice all the beautiful Halloween-inspired decor they had on display. I historically haven't shopped at Marshall's a ton, but they seem to have some fun items for Halloween you might not find at similar hobby/craft stores.

One decoration that really stood out to me was this gorgeous gold skull floral centerpiece. I loved the mix of glam with gore. However, if I'd bought everything I wanted for the party, the entire budget would have been spent at Marshall's! So I set out to figure out how to DIY something similar using Dollar Tree items, and I couldn't be happier with the results! I chose to go with more Halloween-y colored florals in lieu of pastels, which fit my party theme better.

You will need the following from the Dollar Tree:

(I swapped the orange branches for black after I took the photo)

You will also need the following:

Knife to cut the tops of the skull (I just used a kitchen boning knife I had on hand)

Step 1: Using the blowdryer hack if needed, remove the sticker from the bottom of the skull.

Step 2: Spray paint the skull metallic gold, I recommend at least two coats.

Step 3: Once dry, cut an "X" at the top of the skull where you want the florals to go.

Step 4: Using wire cutters, cut 4 roses in each color from the bunch and three stems of the black spray. Remove any eyeballs that might be on the roses, if desired. Discard any spiders or skulls that may also be on the bunch, or feel free to use them for another project.

Step 5: Place/stick the four black roses in the "X" at the top of the skull.

Step 6: Add the four purple roses in between the black roses.

Step 7: Add the four red roses anywhere you see the same color touching, for example, black on black or purple on purple, or anywhere you think there needs a "pop" of red.

Step 8: Finally, add the three black pieces of glitter spray toward the center, one in the middle, and one on each side.

I ended up making 6 total gold skull floral centerpieces for my Halloween party so I could feature them in multiple spots/rooms. I also made a couple of "pedestal" versions with black spray-painted candle holders from Dollar Tree as well. I just love them!




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