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Dollar Tree Hocus Pocus Wreath & Front Porch Decor

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My husband and I haven't decorated for Halloween since we moved into the new-to-us house we've lived in for almost five years. So, when we decided to host a Hocus Pocus-themed Halloween Party this year, I knew we'd need to step it up! I've always loved the holiday, but life got busy. I wanted to create a simple porch display to set the night's tone when our guests first walked up to the house, and I am pleased with how cute it turned out.

The focal point of the porch decor is the DIY Hocus Pocus Wreath using all Dollar Tree Items. This was my first time making a wreath, and I had so much fun learning how to do it. There are a lot of great tutorials for making DIY wreaths out there, so I'll include the supplies I used and provide a couple of images of the process.

What I used from Dollar Tree for the wreath:

Here are a couple of photos of the process:

Here's what else I used to complete the porch display:

  1. (2) Faux stacking pumpkins

  2. (1) Package witch hats with 3D bats

  3. (1) Package sticky putty (for the 3D bats)

  4. (3) Push pins to hang the hats

*Tip: if you use a larger wreath frame like I did, be careful not to make the poofs too big, or you might run out of decorative mesh. I did, but I put my witch hat over the smallest final poof. Sneaky huh? :)




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