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Easy *Vegan* Graveyard Pudding Cups

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Graveyard pudding cups are not a new concept by any means, but they are super fun and yummy! They are also a great way to infuse a party with graveyard elements, which was perfect for my Hocus Pocus theme this year!

I did find a really clean chocolate pudding mix on Amazon that worked out great as an alternative to the Jello brand we are all familiar with, and was more like a mousse texture which was very lovely. If you use it with an alternative milk like oat, coconut, or soy, it turns out vegan. *However, it's important to note that the candy corn pumpkins and gummy worms I included are not technically vegan.*

At the party, I presented them on my DIY Spider Serving Tray which was so festive and cute! I also found the square dessert cups and gravestone cupcake toppers with shovels on Amazon.





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