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Fall Hocus Pocus Halloween Thanksgiving Pumpkin Popcorn Bar

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I've always wanted to do a popcorn bar at a gathering, and our recent Hocus Pocus Halloween party was the perfect occasion! I wanted lots of people to be able to use the bar at the same time, so I made it 360 degrees. I used my 48-inch kitchen table with an orange linen tablecloth from Amazon, which turned out so lovely.


I wanted the popcorn to be plain so the guests could add the desired toppings and flavors. I used a popcorn maker along with white popcorn kernels.

I wanted a festive popcorn vessel instead of a boring bowl, so I used this fun pumpkin-shaped punch bowl from Target.

I also wanted the popcorn bar to be hygienic and food-safe for our guests, so I used these fantastic clear ice scoops on Amazon, made by San Jamar, a company I used to work for, and I still love their products.

Treat Bags

When I couldn't find any Halloween treat bags at my local Dollar Tree, I looked on Amazon. I'm obsessed with these amazing Hocus Pocus-themed treat bags with four unique designs.

Treat Bag Display Hack: After receiving the treat bags, I thought long and hard about how to display them. Since they were so cute and thematic, I didn't just want to lay them on the table. As a marketer, I've had to find ways to display all types of things, mainly literature. I hoped brochure holders would do the trick, and they were the perfect way to showcase the bags. They helped them stand up and were transparent so you could see the whole design. I bought four of them and placed them all the way around the pumpkin popcorn bowl.


It would just be popcorn without all the fun toppings. Popcorn bars are great because you can easily swap out toppings based on theme or season. I went with fall and Halloween-inspired items for this one:


Additional Toppings


Chocolate Chips

Peanut Butter Chips

Candy Corn

Reese's Pieces with Peanut Butter Cups



Gummy Bears

I knew I'd need something cute to put the toppings in, so I bought these fantastic 13 oz pumpkin-shaped punch cups from Target and used clear candy scoops from Amazon. You'll need 9-11 ounces of each topping if you use these as your bowls.

This was a hit at our recent Halloween party, and I can't wait to do another one soon!




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