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Fall Orange and Cranberry Mimosas Using Sunflower and Mum Ice Molds

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Using festive-shaped molds for mocktails and cocktails can really make it more fun. When thinking of shapes for fall, I thought sunflowers and mums would be perfect. I also found some gorgeous gold-rimmed coupe champagne glasses that I'm absolutely obsessed with that made the most amazing vessels for the mimosas.

What you'll need from Amazon:

What else you'll need:

Orange juice

Cranberry juice

Stella Rosa Moscato d'Asti or your favorite sparkling wine


Step 1: Place the flower mold(s) onto small baking sheets or something similar to stabilize them.

Step 2: Add orange juice to the sunflower molds and cranberry juice to the mum molds. (It's up to you what you want to do with the middle flower. You could leave them empty, mix orange and cranberry for a different color, or use an additional juice like grapefruit.)

Step 3: Allow to freeze completely.

Step 4: Remove them from the molds and serve immediately in coupe glasses topped with champagne or your favorite sparkling wine.

I think these turned out so pretty and were absolutely delicious!




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