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Petite-Friendly Halloween Shein Haul Orange/Grey Non-Costume Edition

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through my links, I may earn a commission with zero extra cost to you. For more information, please see my full disclosure page here.

I ordered so many outfits for my first Shein Haul that I ended up splitting it into two posts. I am not used to ordering clothing online and having it actually fit, so I expected around half of the items to not work out. However, to my surprise, every single piece fit me relatively well! I was also thrilled that most of the clothing I wanted to order came in a size XS and some even came in XXS! Being petite can make shopping difficult, but Shein made it pretty easy for me this time!

This orange romper looked like it would be too big when I first opened it up, but it ended up just right once it was on with the belt tied!

This hue of orange reminds me of the colors of my alma mater, Oklahoma State University, which I absolutely love.

While you could dress this look down, I opted for these black wedge sandals from Walmart for a slightly dressed-up look.

This could be fun for a DIY Orange is the New Black Halloween costume.


This grey off-shoulder dress with a creepy snake pattern is so fun and feminine for Halloween. The fabric is light and soft to the touch.

I will admit that the spaghetti straps at the top were too long for my extremely short torso and shoulders. However, that's nothing a stitch or two or a safety pin can't fix. You could even tuck them in and go without them if you have a similarly short torso.

I thought black tights and booties would pair nicely with this girly-goth look.


These orange overalls were so fun to wear! My grandfather wore overalls a ton, so they dressed me up in them as a little girl. I'd forgotten just how comfy and cute they can be!

One great feature of overalls is adjustable straps. Adjustable straps are a godsend for ladies like me with shorter torsos and shoulders! Another great feature with overalls, including this pair, is pockets.

I felt black would be too "on the nose," so I paired these with a white ruched tee from Shein and white booties from Walmart.


I'm obsessed with this little orange dress that ties in the back. The great thing about outfits that tie together at the top or in the back is that they automatically make the top/torso part of the dress adjustable. Adjustable anything is always good for petites!

Besides that, it has a lightweight fabric in a classic orange color. The puffy sleeves, ruffle on the bottom, and ruching in the bust make this a fun, feminine option. I paired this with my black wedge shoes from Walmart to complete the look.



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