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Pooch Fall Shein Haul - Comfy and Cozy

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Shein has turned out to be such a great place to find affordable seasonal outfits for the pooches! They are both currently around 16 lbs and usually a size small; however, I have to size up to medium on Shein. Everything in this haul was relatively soft, easy to get on and fit the girls pretty well.

This was so cute, and a medium fit Bella perfectly!

The fabric of this shirt is so soft and cozy, one of Becca's very favorite things. It has snaps, which make it pretty easy to take on and off, too. A medium fit her pretty well, but it could have been a tad longer in the back. Both my babies have very long bodies and very long legs for their weight/size.

This hoodie is just so cute and cozy and looks like a real hoodie on Bella. It even has a hook on the back for a leash and easily snaps closed. The image on the product listing made it look like this was going to be more of an orange color, but I was happy it was actually khaki.

Grey plaid fleece sweatshirt (link no longer available)

Becca loved this super soft sweatshirt so much that she wore it for the rest of the day after we took pictures. It's a little short on her like the other one, but we almost always have that issue with shirts that are this style. However, this one fits over her barrel chest very well, and she seemed super comfortable in it.




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