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Pooch-Friendly Shein Halloween Haul

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When I decided to order my first Shein haul for the blog, I had to include the pooches, Becca and Bella, in the fun! I was doing a petite-friendly Halloween haul, so it made sense for them to do a pooch-friendly version! Unfortunately, their usual size is small, but most of the items I ordered from Shein in that size were much too small. So we decided to run with what we could squeeze on and bumped up to size medium for the next one. It's important to remember that most dog clothing items are not exchangeable/returnable on Shein. Each product listing will tell you whether or not you can return/exchange items, similar to Amazon. Unfortunately, I learned that lesson the hard way on this haul. :(

I ordered both girls witch costumes since we were hosting a Hocus Pocus party this year, and I thought they'd be the cutest witches ever. Luckily, both of those costumes ended up working out!

Bella in Witch Costume #1

Although I ordered a size small, this fits way more like a typical Shein dog size medium. The drawstring collar portion was a little big for her, so the cape would slide off a lot. If you have a small to medium-sized dog with a slightly larger neck, this would be perfect. The colors on the fabric were vibrant, and the pattern was too cute. The witch hat has a strap to keep it on their heads, but they can easily get it off if determined. I put some tissue in the hat to fill it out a little before I put it on her. She was the first dog to lose her costume at our recent Halloween party, but it was adorable while it lasted.

Becca in Witch Costume #2

This witch costume fit much more like the other Shein size smalls I ordered and was a little too small for Becca, but we made it work for the party. A medium would have been longer and looked a little better. The drawstring on the cape was small enough to tie securely (but gently) so it didn't come off or spin around. This hat also comes with a drawstring to secure it. Becca hates most things I try to put on her head, so the cape was the only item that lasted through the party.

I also ordered the pooches several dresses, but there was only one style that I could get on them.

Becca & Bella in Pumpkin Dress

A size medium would have worked much better and been longer on their bodies. However, I do love the fabric and style of these little dresses. My girls were too cute wearing them, and the pattern looked great with their black coats.

Black Moon & Stars Collar with Moon Charm

As a part of the haul, I also ordered the pooches new matching collars. They fit them perfectly, were so cute, and coordinated with their other Halloween items. However, since they are technically cat collars, they do not clasp securely and therefore shouldn't be used with a leash.




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