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Pumpkin "Vase" Fall Floral Arrangement with Sunflowers and Mums

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I originally purchased the plastic pumpkin punch bowl from Target to use as a bowl for a Halloween party popcorn bar. After the party was over, I brainstormed about other ways to use it and thought it would make the perfect vase for fall flowers, and boy, was I right!

Here are the supplies you'll need:

Scotch tape

Shears or scissors

Here are the flowers I purchased from Fresh Market:

(1) Autumn bounty bouquet

(1) Pack football mums

(1) Pack alstroemeria-orange


Step 1: Fill the container with water and flower food up to the desired level.

Step 2: Place tape across the top of the opening, three across one direction and two across the other way, similar to tic-tack-toe.

Step 3: Trim the flowers down to the desired height.

Step 4: Place the alstroemeria-orange first.

Step 5: Place the "filler" flower from the bouquet next.

Step 6: Place the football mums after that.

Step 7: Place the sunflowers and yellow roses last.

Tip: If you buy your flowers ahead of time, as I did, make sure you trim them at least an inch every day, give them plenty of water with flower food, and store them where they can get some sunlight but not get too warm. That way, by the time you are ready to use them, they are still fresh!





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