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Witchy Halloween Fireplace Makeover

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase through my links, I may earn a commission with zero extra cost to you. For more information, please see my full disclosure page here.

Since the fireplace is a focal point in most living areas, it can be a fantastic place to decorate for holidays outside of Christmas. This year, I am planning a Hocus Pocus Halloween Party, so of course, I wanted a "witchy" theme for the fireplace!

We all know how expensive hosting parties can get, especially with a theme that requires a lot of decorations, so I wanted to challenge myself to use mostly items from Dollar Tree for this year.

In addition to the Dollar Tree items that were part of the three DIY projects included in the makeover, I used the following from Dollar Tree for the fireplace:

(6) Tall Black Iron Taper Candle Holders (I already had some from Hobby Lobby)

(3) Harvest Twist Taper Candles, 2-ct Pack in green, orange, and burgundy

(1) Eat Drink and Be Scary Sign (The link is not available on

Here's what else I used:

I also already had the fireplace wood holder with tools and wood that I used for the base of the witch's cauldron and am unable to find something similar to link to.

Click here for the DIY Gold Skull Floral Centerpieces full tutorial! I'm just amazed at how well they turned out and just how affordable!

For the bats, I decided to make them look like they were coming out of the fireplace and used an ombre-like effect of going from the smallest size to the largest. I read in the reviews on Amazon that the adhesive they came with wasn't great, so I got something like sticky putty to attach them to the fireplace bricks instead to avoid having any fall down before the party.

Click here for the full tutorial on the DIY Witch's Cauldron. These pictures don't do this DIY justice. When the lights are out and this thing gets going, it looks so creepy and cool!

Click here for the DIY Witch's Broom Full Tutorial. I love how the straw and orange bow pop against the white of the fireplace!

I think the inside of the fireplace might be my bonus daughter Scarlett's favorite part about the fireplace makeover since it turned out so fun and ghoulish!

However, I'd have to say my favorite two decor items ended up being the DIY Gold Skull Centerpieces and the beautiful taper candles from Dollar Tree. I ordered a case of 18 units online to use for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and I couldn't be happier with the quality for the price!

That being said, my absolute favorite part about this project was that I was able to share the experience with my bonus daughter, Scarlett, who helped me with it all and made the process even more fun!




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